COVID Protocol

COVID Protocol


The Serbian Fencing Federation and local organizing committee has developed this COVID-19 Protocol and Protection Plan which establishes the principles, protocols, and general guidelines to be followed by all participants before and throughout the Championships. This document aims to inform participants about the measures put in place to reduce the possibility of viral transmission to a minimum during the Championships.

These measures complement the sanitary requirements prescribed by public authorities of Republic of Serbia.

Please take time to understand the plan, steps you must take and the rules you must comply with before you travel and throughout the length of your stay in Novi Sad and Serbia. It’s crucial that you take personal responsibility for your part in the plan.

The health protocol applied to the public will be established according to the obligations presented by the competent authorities.

Given the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Championship’s COVID-19 Protocol and Protection Plan is a dynamic document that is subject to change in response to any circumstances that may arise prior to or during the Championship.

This document is binding to all officials (FIE staff, EFC staff, team officials, judges, guests) and athletes registered for competing or otherwise participating in the competitions.



General COVID information


                                     I.            General protection measures


All participants taking part in the Championships are expected to abide by the following practices, regardless of their function and role, in order to protect themselves and other participants:

          Wash/sanitize your hands frequently, especially if you have had contact with another person or an object of common use and when you enter a new area.

          No handshakes. Use a contactless greeting.

          Always wear a face mask when outside of your hotel room, changing the mask every 4 hours and/or if the mask is soiled or damp (WHO). It is important you make sure you have access to enough face masks (surgical masks) to last through your stay in Serbia. Everyone is responsible for their own supply.

          Proactively monitor their health for any COVID-19 symptoms (WHO)

          Always cough into your mask, sleeve or a tissue.

          Maintain social distancing as much as possible (minimum 1,5 meters), especially during mealtimes and on transportation services. Avoid meetings in small areas.

          Sanitize/disinfect personal items frequently, including your mobile phone, accreditation, water bottle, pens, etc.

          Avoid sharing your personal items with others (mobile phone, water bottle, pens, etc.).

          Always wear your accreditation to confirm that you are participant of the Championships (hotel, transport, and venue).

          Carefully respect all instructions and requirements set forth by the Organizers and Republic of Serbia.

          Strictly follow Championships principle of operations for the best protection of all participants.

          Any activity or travel outside of the Championships is prohibited. If an emergency arises, any travel or activity outside of the Championships must be declared and validated by the Championships COVID manager.


                                   II.            Most common COVID-19 symptoms


COVID -19 COVID-19 symptoms include the following (refer to the WHO for more details):


          Fever of 37.9 ° C or more


          Sore throat

          Shortness of breath

          Muscle pain


          Diarrhea and / or vomiting

          Sudden loss of taste and / or smell.



                                  III.            Close contact


A person that was in “close contact” with infected person is anyone who was in close contact (face to face) with a probable or confirmed case of Covid 19 within 1 meter and for at least 15 minutes.

If a participant is considered to be in a “close contact” with a infected person he/she will have to be isolated and tested. If his/her test is negative, the participant can stay in the Championship.


Serbia and COVID:


Republic of Serbia does not have classification of the countries based on incidence, number of infected people per capita, type of COVID virus or similar. General protection procedures stated in previous segment of this document are advised. In Serbia it is mandatory to maintain social distance and wear masks indoors. After 20:00h, entering coffee shops, restaurants and bars is possible only with an EU or Serbia issued certificate of:

1.       Vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinopharm ) or

2.       negative PCR test done in last 72h or

3.       negative antigen test done in the last 48h or

4.       overcome COVID-19 in the last 6 months.

There are no other restrictions.



COVID and fencing


COVID Rules:

FIE rules stated in  FIE outline risk-mitigation Covid-19 regulations will be applied for both cadet and junior categories.


COVID Forms:

To participate on the competition please refer to FIE outline risk-mitigation Covid-19 regulations.

We remind you to have Form B COVID-19 acknowledgment of risk and release from liability signed, scanned and sent to  or to have it prepared and presented during inscription.

We remind you also to have Form C COVID-19 screening questionnaire for FIE event FIE filled, signed and presented during inscription. Both forms are mandatory for all participants direct or indirect!!


Championships COVID protocol


I.        Before Travel

Participants should ensure they take time to read and understand the steps that must be followed prior to their arrival in Serbia. All direct and indirect participants should:

1)      Book accommodation and transportation through Organization committee. Any delegations not following this procedure will be denied access to the competition.

2)      Read this document and fill the Annex B document and send it back to 

3)      Monitor their health status continuously, including taking their temperature and monitoring for any symptoms, starting 14 days before the Championship.

4)      Limit their social interactions as much as possible, starting 14 days before the Championship.

5)      Make sure they know the latest information regarding COVID-19 testing and certificates required by their airline company.

6)      Make sure that they have completed the necessary steps should they need to apply for a Visa.

7)      It is strongly recommended to have travel insurance that covers COVID-19 care.


          Experience any COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days prior to departure

          Are self-isolating as a result of COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms

          Have had a positive PCR test within 14 days prior to departure





II.      Arrival and airport transport


Upon arrival to Serbia, participants must observe the instructions of the Serbian authorities and be ready to show to immigration all documents needed.

Participants coming by plain will be transported to the official hotels for the mandatory upon-arrival Antigen test.

Participants must use the official transportation provided by the Organization committee for arrival/departure and no other private or public transportation means.

During transport, all participants must respect the following requirements:


          Wearing a face mask is mandatory within official Event transportation.

          No food/drinks are allowed in transportation.

          All participants are required to sanitize their hands before entering the vehicle.


During arrival and departure, participants will have to carry their own bags – the driver will not be allowed to touch them.  All vehicles will be disinfected at the end of each journey. At the end of each day vehicles will be thoroughly disinfected. Drivers will ensure they have a clean and disinfected vehicle between each trip. Whenever possible, they should open windows of the vehicle to facilitate ventilation. Every vehicle will be large enough to respect social distancing. The transport will be done in small groups (or for complete teams).

Participants coming to Serbia by their own car or minivan will be tested with RAT upon their arrival to the official hotel prior to check-in.


III.     Testing and bracelets


All participants, Direct and indirect will be tested at least once with Rapid antigen test (RAT). Testing will be done in the official hotels. Upon arrival in the hotel, and before check-in, all participants will be taken to the designated room where they will be tested. The results will be done in 15 to 20 minutes. Testing will be done in smaller groups.

Upon negative result they will receive color coded bracelet that have validity of maximum four days.

You can then proceed to check in and other processes (payment, accreditation and weapon control)

Please note that all other procedures (registration, payment, weapon control) will not be possible before testing! 

In case of positive result please advise section VII Positive COVID-19 test result below.


IV.    Bracelets and retesting


In accordance to the FIE outline risk-mitigation Covid-19 regulations testing should be done on every four (4) days of stay. to obey this rule, all the bracelets will be color coded for each day of testing and will have a four-day validity. The color codes will be published in the hotels. Persons with expired codes will not be able to enter the venue.

Retesting will be possible in the venue in the specially designated and marked area. Please make sure that you get tested day before your old color code expires.



V.      Accommodation


Participants are strongly recommended to not enter room of other participants (except for Physiotherapy treatments). The use of masks is mandatory in the hotels’ common areas. Physical distancing measures will be implemented throughout the hotel. Sanitizing stations will be displayed near the front entrance and in the common areas. Increased cleaning and disinfecting frequency throughout the hotel, paying attention to frequently touched items. Housekeeping team will change towels and ventilate the room. Participants will have the possibility to display a door hanger should they not wish to have housekeeping enter their room. Hotel staff will follow the hotel protocols. When in hotel restaurants:


          Use hand sanitizer when entering the dining area.

          Wear masks at all times, except when eating or drinking.

          Social distancing must be respected at all times.

          Tables will be spaced apart and participants should not move the tables and/or chairs.

          It is advised that members from different teams do not share tables.


VI.    Transport form hotel to the venue


Transport from the hotel to the venue will be done in accordance to the schedule and with greater number of vehicles to ensure social distancing.



VII.  Positive COVID-19 test result


In the case of a participant gets a positive result for COVID-19 after an antigen test, he/she will have to take a PCR test. If a PCR test is positive, he/she will:

1)       Be immediately placed into isolation in a single room (at their own cost)

2)       He/she will be taken immediately to a doctor for examination

3)       Depending on the doctor’s examination conclusion, actions to be followed will be defined


If a participant has a positive PCR test, he/she will have to be placed in an isolation room at the expense of the participant / travel insurance if applicable, or at the designated hospital if needed. He/she will not be allowed to return to their country of origin until their isolation period has been completed.

The Organizations COVID-19 Manager will follow up on the patient’s situation directly with the relevant Team Manager.

 All individuals placed in isolation should be isolated for 7 days and not have any contact with any other individuals during that period. If the participant has a negative PCR test after 7 days of isolation, then the participant can stop his/her isolation.

In case of a positive result on PCR test after 7 days, the participant will continue his/her isolation for another 7 days. This process will continue until negative result.

As a result of any isolation periods, the Organizations COVID-19 Manager will liaise with the hotel and support the National Federation with requirements.

The costs of quarantine, isolation, and medical care are at the expense of delegations/participants.

It is strongly recommended to have an appropriate health insurance to cover routine medical healthcare, including COVID-19 care, hospitalization and, in case of isolation, that such insurance cover has no exclusions or limitations regarding the length of stay, as all costs related to a positive COVID-19 will have to be borne by the participant.

In case a participant is tested positive during the competition, the members of his/her team might be considered as “Close contact”. See definition and consequences on the relevant section above.


VIII.   Positive COVID-19 test result and close contact


Any person that was in close contact with the COVID positive person shall:


1)       Be immediately placed into isolation in a single room (at their own cost)

2)       He/she will be taken immediately to a doctor for examination + have an COVID-19 test

3)       If the test is positive see procedures stated in previous segment will apply


IX.    Developing symptoms during competition


If any participant develops symptoms during competition, he/she shall immediately:


1) Inform the Organizations COVID-19 Manager

2) Isolate himself at the official hotel in a separate room

3) Have a COVID-19 test at the hotel or competition venue (cost to be supported by the participant)


X.      COVID Testing fees and results communication


On arrival RAT costs will be supported by the organizers. Departure and other (symptoms/close contact/PCR test after a positive antigenic test) tests will be supported by the participant. PCR tests are 75€, RAT is 21€.

RAT results will be communicated directly to the participants 15-20 minutes after sampling. PCR test results will be distributed by email and text message to the tested participant within a maximum of 8h.


XI.    Testing points working hours


The COVID-19 testing area located in the venue will be open every day from 07:00 to 12:00h.

XII.  Movement in “SPENS” during competition


During competition, movement in sport center Spens is going to be limited to specific set of areas: Main hall, final hall, training area, Dressing rooms, processing areas (RAT testing, payment, accreditation and weapon control), catering area and corridors connecting these areas. The routs will be marked visibly. All other areas are off limits and will be closed or the entry/movement will be otherwise prevented.

A refreshment bar will be available in the competition venue for participants, in a specific and exclusive area. Catering staff members will wear face masks at any time and will serve each participant. Specific flow/pathway will be organized in order to reduce gathering. Participants must wear facemasks until they sit in consummation designated areas. Social distancing must be respected at all times. Anyone not eating or drinking must wear a mask.


XIII.   Disciplinary measures


Serbian authorities are allowed to control if the Sanitary Protocol is followed by all participants. All failure to adhere to the Sanitary Protocol may result to a fine by Serbian authorities.

Possible disciplinary decision will be handled by the organizing committee with the EFC approval.


XIV.   Return test


In case you need PCR/RAT test for return to your home country please fill in the form on the official webpage .

The cost of return test is on the expense of person getting the test or their federation.

Note that the PCR test can also be done on Belgrade airport 3h-4h before your flight. If you are using our transport services please state in the e-mail that you wish to be tested before flight so the pickup time can be modified accordingly.