Invitation letter

Dear friends, colleagues, coaches and fencers,

It is with great pleasure that we, once again, host a Europe’s best of the best junior and cadet fencers. We welcome You all to Novi Sad, second biggest city of Serbia and one of gastronomical and cultural capitals of this part of Europe.

It is now a tradition of our Federation to host big competitions, advance and develop organization, and provide unique experiences for our European fencing family. As always, we will do our best to make your competition smooth, safe and with best possible conditions for your best possible results.

Through these difficult times, where we are hostage of COVID infection, we strive to act professionally and responsibly, which in emotion filed sport like fencing is not always easy.  The organizing of these Championships was one of the hardest that our federation has ever done, primarily because of desire to keep everyone safe without disrupting them in any way, or limiting their freedoms, which is a hard, if not impossible task.  We hope that procedures and protocols we have set for your safety will not influence your good results and we ask you to follow them to the full extent!

I wish you good health, good performance, good results, sport luck and, of course, a good time in our beautiful country.

Dejan Ruski


Serbian Fencing Federation